Whodunit Challenge Answer


Jeffrey must have worn gloves as he has no GSR or fingerprints on the gun.  This makes perfect sense, as if he premeditated murder - he would have prepared for it.  Jeffrey has two labrador retrievers and wears a men's shoe (counts out the female in this case). 

Jeffrey stole his roommate Wally's gun (it was registered to Wally and had Wally's fingerprints on it) and used it in the murder.  What he didn't account for, was that Wally would have a solid alibi.  Nonetheless, Wally didn't have a motive, but Jeffrey had a huge motive - a large inheritance that he wanted all for himself.  

George is ruled out because even though he had a motive, he had GSR on his hand, but no fingerprints on the gun.  If he fired that gun without gloves on, his fingerprints would be on it.  Plus, George didn't have a Labrador.  

Thanks for playing!  

Fiona Frost