CSI Occupations

Want to be a criminal investigator? Here are some of the fields in forensic science you can choose from!

  • Forensic biologists

    use DNA to identify victims or suspects.
  • Forensic botanists

    study plants in relationship to crime scenes.
  • Forensic entomologists

    study insects in relation to the crime scenes.
  • Questioned documents experts

    determine matches in handwriting.
  • Medical examiners

    perform the autopsy on the victim.
  • Chemists

    analyze chemicals found at the crime scene, such as illegal drugs.
  • Serologists

    perform investigations on biological fluids in relation to the crime scene including bloodstain patterns.
  • Computer forensics analysts

    conduct examinations of computers, digital equipment, and other electronic devices.
  • Fingerprint experts

    identify specific patterns in fingerprints.
  • Criminal behavioral analysts

    produce accurate recreations of crime scenes and a psychological profile of the perpetrator.
  • Anthropologists

    analyze bones to determine the age, race, gender, and even occupation of the victim.
  • Ballistic specialists

    determine the gun and ammunition used in a crime.