Forensics Club

The Forensic Science Club of Godley Grove High School, founded by Fiona Frost, is an organization that brings together students who are interested in any and all aspects of Forensic Science.  The club is open to all students from all backgrounds. The Forensic Science Club meets every Thursday evening at 8 PM and as needed when we are called upon to assist the Godley Grove Police Department. Guest speakers from various branches of Forensic Science fields such as hematology, botany, tool marks, DNA, document examination, arson, and more are invited to many meetings.

— President - Fiona Frost
— Vice President - Madison Christie
— Treasurer - Willow Walker
— Secretary - Lauren Hope
— Event Coordinator - Ella Queen
— T-shirt Czar - Samantha 'Sammy' Spade
— Faculty Advisor: Diane Henry

Announcements and Upcoming Events
— Thanks for a great first half of the year! Meetings for spring 2014 will be 
be held on Thursday nights, 8:00, in the Godley Grove High School Auditorium.

— Jan 9: Organizational Meeting

— Jan 16: Movie Night - Emergence of Drug Gangs in Rio de Janeiro "Cidade de 
Deus" (City of God)

—Feb  20: Prof. Leon Higley Discusses Recent Forensic Entomology work in Illinois

—Feb 27: Ceilia Boyadjian from the University of Sao Paulo, Brasil presents her 
latest methods of analyzing human remains for dietary reconstruction

— Mar 13: Vaughn Bryant from Texas A&M on Forensic Palynology

— Mar 20: Halloween Pumpkin Ice Cream Social and Wacky Pumpkin Town Panic 

— Mar 27: Special Agent Godfrey, Head of FBI Recovery Team for Mass 

The FBI Approach to Crime Scene and Crime Scene Management

— April 4: Movie Night - Professor Tooth from Hartford University summarizes Facial 
Reconstruction followed by "Gorky Park"

For more information regarding the Forensic Science Club contact:
— President Fiona Frost at