My friends

  • Maddie Christie

    Maddie Christie is my best friend since we were 3-years-old. We were neighbors until my senior year of high school when my house burned down and I had to move. Maddie has always played soccer. She was on varsity at Godley Grove High School and now that it's summer, she's been practicing for her freshman year at Hartford University. She was signed on as a starting midfielder! Maddie is going to be in the forensic science program at Hartford in the fall and I couldn't be more excited. She has also made time in her schedule to take part of our FBI Internship! We're headed to Quantico!
  • Wolfe Nero

    Wolfe Nero is my next door neighbor and boyfriend. We are set to go to Quantico for a summer internship soon! He is now registered for Hartford University's forensic science program in the fall with Maddie and me. He is a drummer and plays with a local band named Godley Gray and is quite good at forensic profiling.
  • Detective Chase

    An incessant workaholic, Detective Chase is the medical examiner and director of the Godley Grove Crime Lab. Yeah, Godley Grove isn't a huge town and we have to rely upon help from the city of Silver Springs at times, but Detective Chase agrees to wear many hats at the police station because he is fully immersed in his work! He is our mentor and one of the smartest men I have ever met - besides my father, of course.
  • Doug Christie

    Doug is the newly appointed President of the forensic training program at Godley Grove High School. He is my replacement for 2015-16 and he is doing a phenomenal job. Oh, and he's Maddie's younger brother - he'll be a Sophomore in the fall.
  • Willow Walker

    Willow and Lauren make up the inseparable duo - best friends since birth, they definitely share a brain. However, Willow left Godley Grove right after graduation for her Ivy League pre-medicine undergraduate program. We'll only get to see her on holidays when she comes home from now on. However, she will be my doc when she gets out of school, that's for sure. I miss our little ray of medical sunshine already!
  • Lauren Hope

    Lauren and Willow were the inseparable duo until Willow left for college immediately after we graduated. I've spent a ton of time with Lauren since graduation and our daily debates of tangible versus intangible science never stop. I think Lauren lives for debates! She's enrolled in the Paranormal Science Program at Hartford this fall. She's a boy-crazy ghost whisperer..if you believe in that sort of thing.
  • Haley Frost

    I told my mother I wouldn't talk badly of Haley's troubled past anymore, so all I can say is that Haley is my cousin from New Jersey. Right now, she seems to be doing well, thankfully! She and Doug will run things at the high school crime lab next year. However, I will keep a very close eye on things because she's involved.
  • Lewis Frost

    The DA of Godley Grove - I call him Dad. He's a loving father, albeit his nose is in his case files most of the time. Since there's been a few murders in Godley Grove lately, I've been able to spend a bit more quality time with my dad - even if it has been working on murder cases.
  • Emma Frost

    My loving, worrywart mother, Emma Frost. She's a professor and chemist at Hartford University. She loves to build dollhouses, although, since we've moved into the new house and she doesn't have Dollhouse Plaza anymore, she's lost a bit of interest.
  • Remy Sinclair

    Remy, of Remington Records, is the only multi-millionaire that I know. We have a rather troubled history, but I've recently decided to forgive him for the past. I suppose taking a bullet to save our lives in a pitch-black swampland had a little to do with that. Also, since Maddie's crushing on him - what choice do I have? He figured out a way to become part of our internship at Quantico, so I suppose he's coming with us!
  • Duncan Doyle

    Duncan is part of the Hartford Paranormal Science Department. Haley has a serious crush on him, but he is too old for her! He's best friends with Ralph Booner.
  • Ralph Booner

    Ralph's parents put up the funds to save the Paranormal Science Department at Hartford University. Ralph and Duncan both report to the department Chair - Professor Black. I don't believe in ghosts, but whatever floats your boat - is what I always say.
  • Carden Doyle

    Carden is probably the quietest person I know. He had a rough start in my training program and was tangled up with a little Haley-Maddie drama. However, he's back in the program at Godley Grove High with Haley and Doug for his senior year.